Tribe QuokkA


Mutant Mal's Attack
On Quokka Island..


.. has demanded that we rise up
and exact our revenge.


Our Truth

Tribe Quokka is a limited collection of 8,000 NFTs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Our community comprises a blended mix of long-time enthusiasts with those that are just beginning their journeys into this vastly uncharted space. Together we are united around a common goal and excited about the future of Web 3.0 technologies. Education and transparency are paramount to mainstream market adoption and we cater to doing just that!

Our Origin Story

Tribe Quokka’s premise is rooted in a friendly "false flag" operation that makes it seem like those boring apes fired the opening salvo and attacked us first! Hostile national governments have been doing it for centuries, so we figured why not us? But don’t worry, there are no annoying mortal consequences with our project. We’re provoking a light-hearted rivalry amongst NFT projects that permits us to finally proclaim, “We’re All NOT Gonna Make It!”

Our Tribe

We are a strong-knit team of fervent individuals who care for each other in real life and there are thousands of us that have already pledged allegiance to our quickly growing cause. Each and every community member brings a unique skill set to the Tribe and is encouraged to offer new perspectives and participate in the overall development of our brand. Those owning a Tribe Quokka NFT are welcomed into our fellowship with open arms and membership has its perks! We're going to have a blast competing amongst ourselves and against those boring apes, if they have the guts!

If You’re Bored, You’re Boring!

Quokka Gallery

Our Tribe Leaders


Dick Doofus

Dr. Dick Doofus


Brett Summerville

Creative techie living out my dreams of building a community-based entertainment and media conglomerate from the ground up!

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Aaron Friedman

Business leader and digital strategist with a 25+ year history of working in the information technology industry. I discovered Bitcoin back in 2012 and have had a passion for blockchain technology ever since.

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Chris Miles

I design businesses that create happiness for all involved.

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John Furno

As an artist I want to stimulate, inspire, break rules, engage, create an experience, be accepting and have fun. Creativity plus good design will save the world!

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Professor Rumpus

Professor Rumpus


Kurt Wassersug

Cybersecurity expert with 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of the operational, technical and threat landscape challenges that enterprises face.

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Brian Bouchard

Ex-Bored Ape Yacht Club “wannabe” that finally saw the light of day after being greeted by Dr. Dick Doofus and awarded my long-awaited WL for Tribe Quokka!

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Our Path

ring 1

Q1 2022

Get Ready for Mint Day!
Educational Event
IRL @ Haka Labs Headquarters
February 24, 2022

Public Whitelist Application
Website Link Activated
March 1, 2022

Genesis NFT Whitelist Mint Day
NFT Price: 0.06 ETH
Daily $QUOKKA (5) Tokens Airdrop
IRL @ Haka Labs Headquarters
March 30, 2022 @ 6:00pm EST

ring 2

Q2 2022

Genesis NFT Public Mint Day #ApeFoolsDay
NFT Price: 0.06 ETH
Daily $QUOKKA (5) Tokens Airdrop
April 1, 2022 @ 6:00pm EST

Legends Series NFT
Collection Launch

Airdrop Raffle & Auction

IRL Afterparty Events
New York City, NY
PHD Rooftop Terrace
June 21, 2022
Marquee Nightclub
June 22, 2022

ring 3

Q3 2022

IRL Beach Event
Wildwood, NJ
The Club at Diamond Beach
July 23, 2022

NFT Mint Day

NFT Price: TBD
Daily $QUOKKA (1) Token Airdrop
Adoption Program Details TBA
September 2022

ring 4

Q4 2022

1st Annual
"Quokka Cup"

IRL Games On-Chain Event
Charleston, SC
Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina
October 22, 2022

"Quokka Sidekick"
NFT Airdrop

Sidekick Program Details TBA
December 2022

ring 5

Q1 2023

Metaverse P2E Game Announcement
Game Trailer #1 and Tokenomics Reveal
IRL Event - Details TBA

ring 6

Q2 2023

Crypto & Wealth Building Mastermind Getaway
Game Trailer #2 Reveal
IRL Event - Details TBA

ring 7

Q3 2023

Metaverse P2E Game Whitelist Preview
Website Application Activated for Game Beta Testers
Applicants will be selected to beta test game
Game Trailer #2 Reveal

ring 8

Q4 2023

2nd Annual Quokka Cup
IRL Event - Details TBA
October 2023

Metaverse P2E Game Public Launch
Quokka 3D Avatar Airdrop
Details TBA

Haka Labs Cryptocurrency Launch
Details TBA