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The only NFT Community dedicated to Web 3 Education

It’s no secret that Web 3 comes with its share of challenges, including:

  • How to set-up and connect your wallet.
  • How to purchase cryptocurrency.
  • Unfamiliar terms like NFT, DeFi, gas, IRL and more.
  • Stories of fraud and wallet theft.
  • Communities that are cold and unfriendly.
  • Projects that over-promise and under-deliver.

Tribe Quokka is different. We are committed to welcoming new users into the Web 3 space, which is why we have built the only NFT community dedicated to Web 3 education. Whether you currently own one of our NFTs or not, we are your #1 educational resource for NFTs, Crypto and all things Web 3.

Benefits Include:

Free Access to Quokka University Web3 Education Platform

Direct Access to Fully Doxxed Founders that Want to See You Succeed

24/7 Online Community Support to Help You Thrive in Web 3

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Featured Educational Videos

What Are NFTs?

Heard the term NFT but not really sure what it is? Or maybe you’ve done a little research but still aren’t sure exactly what “fungible” means. Quokka University’s Dr. Dick Doofus is here to break it all down to you, from the meaning of NFT, the role of the blockchain, digital contracts and more!

MetaMask Account Creation

The digital wallet is an essential element of Web 3 - it’s used to hold your cryptocurrency, smart contracts, NFTs and pretty much everything else. In this video, Dr. Dick Doofus walks you through the process of setting up a wallet with MetaMask (our favorite wallet).

Discord Server Safety

If you’re new to Discord and Web 3, deciding what security settings to enable to keep you and your wallet safe can be a bit intimidating. Never fear – Dr. Dick will walk you through the options so you can enjoy discord AND know that your digital assets are protected.

Want to learn even more about Web 3?